Thursday, April 18, 2013

Need Urgent Help Regarding Char Dham Yatra-2013

Tell us your requirement if you need urgent help regarding Char Dham Yatra 2013. Log on to our website www.chardhamyatrachalo.com or call us 011-47078365 for instant reply. We are providing Chardham, Do dham, Hemkund Sahib, Valley of Flowers & Panch Kedar group departure tours from Delhi & Haridwar and also put necessary information about Char Dham circuit, Yatra Packages & Char Dham Destinations on our website. Our operation team is ready to handle all your queries and will help you out in every possible manner.

Char Dham Yatra of Northern Himalayan region (Uttarakhand) is suppose to start from 11th May from Delhi itself. Every year our team of professionals visits the entire circuit personally before planning the new tours and this year we also did the same thing to avoid any last minute confusion. Now we are fully prepared to provide affordable Yatra packages on very competitive cost with better hotel facilities, lavish meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) and transportation by deluxe vehicles. Our fixed departures will be staring from Delhi, Haridwar respectively. As Delhi is connected with almost entire world by various flight connections and being a capital of India it is also connected with every city of India by rail route as well. We have inspected every single Hotel/Guests House/ Camps of chardham circuit and they are fully prepared to render one the best facilities this year. Road condition is really good these days due to upcoming Chardham Yatra and BRO (Boarder road organization) staff is doing a great job to maintain the roads at all routes. Infrastructure of this circuit has been changed drastically since last decade or so.

This circuit is witnessing millions of footmarks every year due to religious importance of Char Dham circuit. According to famous myth & devotees believe one can be freed from his/her all past sins and find great peace of mind in this naturally blessed environment. These four Dhams (four sacred places) can be visited one by one by starting Yatra from Delhi or Haridwar. Among the all four dhams first one is Yamunorti dham, second is Gangotri dham, third is Kedarnath Ji dham, fourth and final is Badrinath Ji dham which is one of the most celebrated dham of the country.

Do tell us your budget and our team of professionals will help you out in every possible manner to plan your dream trip to these sacred sites according to your convenience, requirement & budget. Apart for that we are offering all kinds of Chardham & Do dham fixed departure packages from Delhi & Haridwar with Hemkund Sahib, valley of flowers, Auli, Mussoorie & Panch Kedar Tour etc. All our packages are based on standard, deluxe, luxury, premium hotels and with deluxe & luxury vehicles and client can choose their Yatra packages according to their budget as well. By joining our fixed departures one can certainly reduce the Yatra cost and enjoy pre planned packages with unmatched services.

It doesn’t matter what your budget is but we treat our every single client as our personal guest and provide best services on a very low cost. Since we are having special tie-ups with every single hotel in chardham circuit and also having own fleet of luxury vehicles. We provide fresh pure veg food according to our client’s requirement.

So what are you waiting for……?? Come & join our group tours for Char Dham, Do Dham Tour, Valley of Flowers, Hemkund Sahib & Panch Kedar Yatra. Pay us for your trip and get trust on complementary basis. Trust no one can match our unmatched services.

Monday, March 18, 2013

When Chardham Yatra opens in 2013

Chardham Yatra of Uttaranchal will be starting from 11th May 2013 this year. Millions of people visit Chardham circuit from May to November every year and preparation of Yatra has already been started and many travel agents are offering various packages & group departures from Delhi & Haridwar for this sacred journey.

The temples of Chardham circuit of Uttaranchal are namely Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath & Badrinath and are considered one of the most sacred places of Hindu devotees. Earlier Chardham of Uttaranchal use to call “Chota Chardham” but due to increasing popularity, now this circuit is called Chardham. Though the original Chardham Temples are located at Badrinath Ji in Uttrakhand, Jagannath-Puri in Orissa, Dwarka Ji in Gujrat & Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu (Chennai) but among the all four dhams, Badrinath Ji in Uttrakhand is considered as one of the most important dham.

It is believed that a Hindu devotee should visit to Chardham circuit once in a life. So that he/she can be freed from his/her all past sins as according to myth one can be blessed with extreme power of GOD and  find great peace of mind in naturally blessed environment.

Due to religious importance of Uttranchal’s Chardham circuit, numbers of devotees increasing every year but facilities are still limited, though infrastructure of this circuit has been changed drastically in recent years but due to remote valley and hilly area no such big hotels/wide roads cannot be made. Most of the time temples of this circuit disappear in snow and temperature is also remain very cold though out the year which is below to live the normal life. It is really difficult to construct/build anything in this kind of temperature. 

Lots of people love to visit this circuit by their own but it is really difficult to get accommodation/food in this sector on last minute and by result they have to face so many difficulties. Due to limited services, it is always better to find reliable travel agent/tour operator to book your Yatra for this circuit. By taking package through any Travel company, one can reduce the travel expenses by joining various group tours and will get good accommodation according to their budget and their choice of meals and can also get well planned tours which are very difficult to plan for first time traveler and even for the repeater clients as there is no good phone connections/ internet connections/ transport arrangements but travel agents can manager everything well in advance upon request of clients.

This days many travel agents are offering various packages for Chardham Yatra from Delhi and Haridwar in reasonable price where they are offering fixed departure group tours including neat & clean accommodation, hygienic meals, and transportation by luxury vehicles with other necessary arrangements and tailor made private/family tours. So book your trip now as most of the hotels are already sold out during the month of May and hurry up before the entire dates will be sold out for this sacred journey.